With a title like this, you have an easy shot on what this one’s all about. C&SM publisher and editor Dana Countryman is a musician and a record collector…and you can tell where his musical taste is coming from, too. On the surface, this title can be easily be compared to Dr. Demento on paper and that claim would not be a stretch as many of the cover articles, major interviews and reviews had familiar names from Dr. D’s hit list like Weird Al Yankovic, Alan Sherman & Spike Jones. However, beneath this surface, Countryman goes further to find the ‘WTF?!’ universe far outside the Dementia realm.
It was through the pages of this title that I found out about more underground and adventurous artists like Neil Hamburger, Fred Lane, Raymond Scott, The Friends Of Dean Martinez, The Coctails and so much more. The scale here was more on WFMU side of things than just the Dr. D stuff I’ve grown up with. In fact, this title became a guide for me as I use to circle many titles from their vast review section for future purchases.
Still, the WFMU and Dr. Demento
comparisons are not enough to accurately
describe this raucous magazine: lounge
music, unusual record covers, used record
store listings, tour diaries from Combustible
Edison, articles that explored obscure record
genres (anyone for vanity LP’s from Vegas
lounge acts?), etc. In my heart, how can I
ignore a magazine that features a cover
story of Julie London and follow that issue
with one on Mrs. Miller.
After a successful run of 28 issues (the last one had a cover story on Rudy Ray Moore and a feature on Josie & The Pussycats), Dana bowed out and sold off the operation in 2002 (see below for the hand-off). Unfortunately, much like Factsheet 5, the new guy dropped the ball and hasn’t been heard since. A damned shame….and I’m sure Countryman
hasn’t heard the last of the bitching since either.
The Mag maybe history, but NOT Dana's
creative output, especially his recorded
albums!! Go to the Dana Countryman's
Experience (HERE) for all the fun!!
PLUS, you can buy the first 10 issues of C&SM in PDF format at OGILO HERE!
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