Josie's Yearbook

The following piece first appeared haphazardly in Jozine #2 and correctly in Jozine #3 and was written by Tim Stocak of the late and very great BEE & EFF MAGAZINE.
Before Josie strummed her first guitar, before Melody first hit those skins, and before Valerie first shook her tambourine (and other things), Josie and the Pussycats and the rest of the group were once regular folks like you and me - they all attended high school. Following are excerpts from an actual copy of the yearbook in which Josie and the gang appears as part of the graduating class. It was the late 60's, and these six typical students were even then involved in this and that as witnessed by their yearbook entries (it would, however, be a few years later before they'd find themselves everywhere the action's at). But even back then, they had their hopes and their dreams. Some of these whims and ideas may seem pretty incongruous to the Pussycats we all know and love today – while others are almost prophetic. Come on along now, if you will, to a time long ago when Alex dressed conservatively and Melody plated chess. By Tim Stocak.
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