By Don Page
(Los Angeles Times, May 28, 1972)

Dick Whittington, one of the truly original flakes, is en route home from Paris where he has just
pulled off another incredible caper. Fifty million Frenchmen are aghast. Now they are convinced
that all Americans are cra-zee.

This was one of Sweet Dick’s best hallucination, which always materialize into great audience
participation on KGIL and sometimes boomerang controversy (remember the great earthquake

The inspiration hit him only a week ago when he complained that no living American painter has
a classic work hanging in Louvre. So Whittington had a paint-off in the KGIL parking lot and on
the spot selected his American immortal artist whose painting was hung Friday in the Louvre –
in the men’s room.

Just getting from the San Fernando Valley to Paris in one week and having the ceremonies
covered by television is remarkable progress for an unrehearsed piece of business.

The highlights of Sweet Dick’s Paris adventure will be aired beginning Monday on Whittington’s
morning show and film of it has been requested by local TV channels. He has been on Channel
9 news more often than its anchorman John Fullmer.

Judging the Louvre triumph as Whittington’s all-timer is difficult when you look back. He invaded
Catalina with tap-dancing troupes. He dropped a giant Alka Seltzer in the Atlantic over the spot
where the government submerged poison gas. He “fought” Art Aragon at the Valley Music
Theatre. He walked down Van Nuys Blvd. in pantyhose. He drove a freedom bus to Encino. He
took a group of listeners to a topless beer bar at 7 in the morning. He staged the first “Lash
LaRue Film Festival” and got LaRue to attend it.

Dick Whittington is probably the foremost social commentator of our age. We mean, if the world
is going to hell we need him.

And what is next for our wacky Walter Mitty, our flaky Freud?

In a few weeks Sweet Dick will stage an old-time dance marathon in the now famous KGIL
parking lot. “They will dance night and day until we break the world’s record,” Whittington
promises. Singer Frankie Lane is co-holder of the record and Whittington expects Laine to cut
the ribbon. His special guest (not finalized) will be Gig Young, who ran the ballroom in the film
“They Shoot Horses, Don’t They?”

Why do you do these things, Whittington?

“Because I’m here to help you,” he said.

Somehow it makes sense.
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