Rhino Handmade/RHM2 7783

As mentioned in The Life Of Josie section, the official re-release of the ‘Josie’ album was a long time coming, so it was no surprise that fans rejoiced when Rhino Records finally found the tapes and made them public. The only real drawback was it was a limited numbered release through the record label’s internet-only sub-label, Rhino Handmade with a copy run of 5000.

However, its limited availability paled to the upside of the 18 bonus tracks that came with the CD: 12 tracks that were only available as singles, 3 alternative mixes and 3 unreleased tracks. Though the mysterious ‘Clock On The Wall’ track is nowhere to be seen. (see track listings below, printed on the CD's back cover)
As for the package itself, it’s quite the treat. The colorful 18-page booklet has a large amount of photos
of production cells, rough drawings and the live trio in the recording studio. There’s also a lot of text to go
through; there’s testimonies from the record producer Danny Janssen and songwriter Sue Sheridan and
smaller pieces of original production notes.

It’s obvious that this is a strong must for ANY Josie fan breathing air! Unfortunately, especially for those
fans who came in late, the CD has been out of print for many years. At this point, you still get your mitts
and ears on this either through E-bay, Amazon, collectors record stores (like Amoeba Records) or
download it from the unknown void that is the internet. Good luck hunting and spending!
As this set is out of print, here’s the testimonies from Dan Janssen and Sue Sheridan, offering their
own behind-the-scene stories and perspective on the recordings and the musical legacy of ‘Josie’.

PS: There were plans for a "modified" release for retail stores without the bonus tracks and with different artwork and title for late 2001, but nothing came out of it.
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